Parma, 28 - 30 September 2020
I have completed my registration but I can't find the confirmation email message, what can I do?
Click on the "Can't find your ticket? Click to recover it" button in order to receive a copy of the confirmation email and your ticket for the show.
What is the multiple registration for?
Choosing the "Multiple registration" button, you can register up to 10 people of the same company. This type of ticket is NOT valid for press accreditation.
May I register another person?
It is possible to register third parties if all form fields are filled in with the information of the real participant and not those of the registrant.
May I use the VIP/FRIENDS CARD codes in a multiple registration?
Yes, as of 2020 you can use invitation codes in multiple registration as well.
I am an exhibitor; do I have to register?
No, what you need is a different document called “Ehibitor Pass”. If you’re unsure how to get one, please contact your own booth manager.
May I use the same email address to enter more registrations?
No, it is not possible to use the same email address to enter more than one registration.
I do not have a company email address. Which one should I use when entering the registration?
Any email address, if valid and not used by others, can be used to enter a registration.
How much does the admission ticket cost?
The admission ticket is free. It does not entitle to free parking.
May I use the same ticket for the three days?
Yes, the ticket entitles to the entrance during all three-exhibition days.
How much does the parking cost?
The parking costs 8€ and has to be paid at the counter desks located near the two entrances.
Which are the suggested entrances?
The suggested entrance for visitors is the "OVEST" entrance, for Press, Friends Card, VIP tickets holders and schools is the "SUD" entrance.
I am a disabled person, what should I do?
The fairground is entirely accessible to people with disabilities.
May a minor enter the show?
Minors can enter the show only if accompanied by an adult and with compilation of indemnity document available at the registration desk.
I received a VIP/FRIENDS CARD invitation but I have already entered my registration, what should I do?
You can upgrade your ticket on your own. Please click on the “Upgrade your ticket now” to start the process.